Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well, I have began work on a set for a film idea i have. This particular set is a city park. It will have trees and park benches along with possibly a street lamp and trash can. Right now i am just experimenting with some methods. Read on to see what we've done.

This is a quick conceptional drawing i did of the idea

  First ive cut some scrap styrofoam with a hot wire into the shapes of rocks and/or hills  I applied Dry Dex spackling over it to make a paintable surface with some interesting texture.

 I then gave them some paint (The big ones i painted green but forgot to take photos of the process)

I also started work on an idea to build trees using spray foam insulation for the tree tops over foam discs. These will be put on top of wooden dowels which will also be covered in foam for texture

This is how it's looking so far... still alot of work to do including a giant sky background!Those tree tops really look like shrubs...which gives me an idea! Stay tuned!!

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