Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So I think i may have fixed the camera shake issue. Basically it is important that every element of the shoot be attached to the stage base. This way, much like a helmet cam, every element moves in unison when the floor dips or shakes. So when I finally paint my sky background it will hang directly off a wooden ledge built on the backstage of my stage rig, allowing it to move in unison If you watch the tripod in the background you can see it jump a couple times. this is because it is resting on the floor and not attached to the stage rig

So here is how i did it

I took 2 side by side 2x12's and clamped them to a lower shelf (i may add 2 more on top of these to stabalize it even more if i find there is a little shake later on)

I then had to figure out a way to stabalize the legs of the tripod....and then it hit me... BOTTLE CAPS!!! Check it out!! Once i figured out exactly where i wanted the tripod legs i simply screwed a bottle cap into the spot and VOILA!


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